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Vitro-Lube NPI-1220C

Our previous discussion on modifications to the basic 1220 formula dealt only with results from our in-house testing. Since that time, other companies using different test machines and criteria have run comparative tests with the basic 1220 coating and the modified 1220C coating and have obtained increased performance similar to our in-house tests.

Table III summarizes the results using three different test machines including our pin and vee groove machine. This table illustrates that all three procedures show similar improvement in performance even though they differ greatly in specimen configuration and test conditions.

In addition to the test data shown in Table III, the Vitrolube NPI-1220C has been tested on actual hardware for some of the newer aerospace designs and the results have been consistently superior to other tested products. A number of these designs have involved gears and screw threads which are applications where dry film lubricants are not normally considered to be at their best but where the 1220C coating has been consistently superior to other coatings, and has exceeded all design requirements.

Wear Life Comparison

Table III -
Wear Life Comparison Between Vitro-Lube NPI-1220 & NPI-1220C